Alternatives is a community-based mental health agency located in the East End of Toronto. We provide one-to-one client counselling, case management and community supports to individuals who have significant mental health challenges.

We value the knowledge and strengths of the individuals who use our services and are committed to giving choice and flexibility to the individuals we serve. We provide individual community support and counselling, groups, advocacy, linkages to other services, information and referrals. We are recovery-oriented in that we focus on self-determination, support / connection, and self-advocacy and hope as part of a journey towards improved well being.

Alternatives serves the East York Community.

Languages served: English, Cantonese, Tamil, Malayalam.

We are funded by the Toronto Local Health Integration Network. For a copy of our current agreement, click here (along with the 2015-16 amendment ,  and 2017-18 amendment )

Intake Process

Contact The Access Point.

You can reach them at
1-888-640-1934 or
to complete an application.