Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission:

Alternatives provides community-based client centred resources that support and inspire our diverse community to maintain and improve their mental well-being.  We do this by working with our clients and partners to address challenges, facilitate informed choices and advocate for positive change.

Our Vision:

An inclusive community where everyone has the opportunity to lead healthy and empowered lives.

Our Values:
  • Social Justice: We believe in the dignity and self-worth of all people and understand that we have a responsibility to address the conditions that impact negatively on the health and well-being of the clients that we serve.
  • Client Informed Choice: We believe that clients have the right to be heard, informed and supported in achieving their goals.
  • Equitable Access:  we believe that everyone should have equitable access to the resources that they need to reach their potential, and are committed to removing barriers that restrict access for clients.